Our Story

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic altered the lives of every individual on this planet. Being completely isolated from the rest of the world for months at a time- with no end in sight, really allowed us to grow in ways never before seen. For the first time of our lives, we were encouraged to stay home and work on our craft. Many, including myself, found a love for fitness and nutrition. It was at this time that the mere idea of starting my own supplement company was implanted in my head.
Flash forward to two years later. Upon graduating college from Bowling Green State University (Talons Up) with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing, my dream began to take off and my passion for fitness grew day by day. After long shifts in the hospital, I was eager to return home to grow my knowledge of the supplement industry and to be able to share that knowledge with others. With each passing day, it became more apparent that this industry was my true calling. 
At Symbiote Performance, we believe that with passion, synergy, and ambition, anything is possible. Symbiote Performance is not just a brand- it's a community. A community of individuals dedicated towards collaboration in effort to form a unified movement across the globe. Because together, we are stronger. 
Join the movement. The best is yet to come...
-Sammy Stoll CEO